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S.O.S. Italia

August 24, 2016

To Italy, showing ‘its most beautiful face’

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi promised thatItalywould show its strength at this critical hour.

As we hear stories of families losing loved ones, of homes disappearing right in front of their residents’ eyes, grandmothers throwing themselves over their grandchildren to protect them and the immediate response of support teams which included rescuers, shock therapists and food kitchens, Italy is succeeding in doing the most of what any country can do in the face of a natural disaster.

‘No one will be left alone - no family, no community, no neighbourhood’
-Matteo Renzi

We as the Italian Canadian community organizations have quickly agreed to stand together in support to help those in need back ‘home’.

No donation is too small. Let us flood the Red Cross with a strong message: We, Italian- Canadians, send our prayers and financial support to those terribly affected in the many towns of central Italy. 

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