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President's Message

Dear Governors and Friends,

I believe in the invaluable importance of safeguarding the Italian language, culture and community. Individually, we have our unique roles that benefit the community,but we can contribute so much more by working as a collective.

One of my goals as President is to ensure that we fully implement the Unitas Project. We will collaborate with community leaders in order to create what we refer to as a « United Community ». Not only will the United Community be symbolic of our collaborative strength, it will allow a more efficient use of resources, it will optimize services and it will uncover new avenues of support. Through the Unitas Project, the new FCCI will focus on its original mission: to raise and distribute funds to organizations endeavouring to promote health, education, Italian language and culture, and social causes, with priority given to organizations within the Italian community. Montreal’s Italian community is one of the largest in Canada and my vision is for it to be a vibrant example of solidarity.

The recruitment of New Governors will ensure the continued success of the FCCI and thereby achieve what we all consider to be vital: the maintenance of Italian language, heritage and culture. There is much work to be done in this regard. We should always be on the lookout for industrious, charitable leaders in our community who can help shape the future of the Foundation.

This is your Community and your Foundation. We exist to help our community by giving to charitable, social and cultural institutions. Without solidarity, we cannot enhance social progress. It is because of your support that our efforts have succeeded in positively impacting the lives of so many Montrealers.

As we look back, we thank all of you who have been helping us achieve our goals through your financial support. You have brought about a change that will echo eternally throughout our tight-knit community.

As we look forward, we invite you to invest in your community through the FCCI. Whatever your charitable action, together we will support as many community needs as possible.


Joey Saputo


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