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Leonardo Da Vinci Center

In 1994, the Board of Fiduciaries took the first steps toward what would become one of the Foundation’s crowning achievements — the Leonardo da Vinci Center. A true group effort, plans for the centre developed through close collaboration between all levels of government, businesses, community members and associations.

The official ribbon-cutting ceremony on the site in Saint-Léonard welcomed the new millennium and flung open the doors to this spacious, beautiful building. Built by master craftsmen and sustained by the Italian-Canadian Community Foundation, the impressive centre houses, theatres, classrooms, meeting rooms, a complete fitness centre — including a boccio-drome — along with the Foundation’s administrative offices.

Gracing the Piazza del Centro is the Governors’ Wall of Honour, where every year, new names are added to our history. Strengthening bonds within the Italian population and between groups of all ages and cultures, the Center will continue to benefit the community for decades to come.



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