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The Governors’ Ball, held in October, with the newest members of the Foundation being introduced. The event prides itself on its delicious food, dancing, glamour and, of course, its fundraising achievements.

The Golf Tournament takes place in June where Governors and friends come together to play a competitive game of golf, mingle and delight their gastronomical senses.

The Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament is a night when Governors and friends try their luck at winning for a cause. This event mingles chance and charity into one unforgettable game.

The Cento Miglia Car Rally takes place during the summer. This auto rally brings together automobile and design enthusiasts on a route through the streets of Montreal and surrounding areas.

The Target Shooting event is held in September. This unique activity allows governors to push their reflexes and test their skills against their friends’ while enjoying a day outdoors.

The Annual Christmas Cocktail takes place in early December at the Leonardo da Vinci Center. In addition to being a small thank you to Governors for their support, it is also at this time that the Foundation presents major donations to recipient organizations.

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