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Become a Governor

Governors are fundamental to the success of the Foundation. Membership not only provides access to this tight knit community but it also provides the opportunity to contribute philanthropically as part of a larger organization of like-minded individuals. The Foundation provides this vehicle by managing the donation award process rigorously to ensure that the funds raised at the various fundraising events go to those organizations in need within the pillars of Health, Education, Italian Language and Culture as well as to Social Causes.

The Prospective Governor must be of Italian origin and make a financial contribution to the Foundation upon joining. Their application must be signed and seconded by two current Governors. The Prospective Governor’s application must be approved by two thirds of the members present at the Board of Fiduciaries membership meeting.

The initial contribution of a Governor membership is of $10,000, payable in installments. After the initial contribution, the Governor pays an annual membership of $1,000 until the age of 65. Once the Governor reaches this age, he will have the privilege to transfer his "entrance right" to a member of his family, of Italian origin; the latter should continue to pay the yearly membership thus having the same rights and privileges of the other members. 

For every donation, the Foundation will issue a tax-deductible receipt. New Governors will be publicly honoured and will receive two free tickets to attend the Governors' Ball that is held every year in the month of October. Their name will be written among the other governors on the Wall of Honour in the Piazza del Centro of the Leonardo da Vinci Center.


Governor Application Form(1162 KB)

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