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Donation offers to the McCord Museum for the ‘La Cathédrale Marie-Reine-du-Monde ’ photo

November 26, 2012

The Italian-Canadian Community Foundation has the great pleasure and honour of announcing that the McCord Museum is hosting the “Villes sublimes/Sublime Cities” exhibit.  Photographer Mimmo Jodice’s collection of works will be on display at the museum until March 3, 2013. 

Mimmo Jodice’s works honour the important artistic form of photography, and have given Italy an important place on the current international artistic scene.  It is therefore with immense pride that the ICCF has decided to support this exhibit.

Mimmo Jodice’s photography is much more than simply a descriptive medium, it is a truly creative and imaginative tool.  It is this vision which has allowed the artist to create unique works, characterized by their exceptional cultural qualities and their impressive ability to merge class and innovation. 

The museum’s visitors will have the chance to enjoy these exclusive photos, which were taken in Montreal during the artist’s stay in the city last spring.  The resulting series of 10 photos has captured the essence of our city and immortalized it.  The FCCI is proud to announce that it has granted a donation to the McCord Museum, aiding the institution to acquire the « La Cathédrale Marie-Reine-du-Monde» photo. The ICCF considers this work to be an important part of Montreal’s cultural heritage and therefore believes that it should be held in the archives of the McCord Museum, along with other works from great Italian artists. 

FCCI website wins «Best in Class 2012» Prize

July 26, 2012

The Canadian-Italian Community Foundation is pleased to announce another great accomplishment! The FCCI’s website has recently been granted the « 2012 Best in Class Award » by Interactive Media Awards.  After months of effective and successful work alongside renowned social media experts Baracci Solutions, the site underwent a comprehensive judging process and came out on top- receiving near perfect scores in diverse categories such as design, content, functionality and usability as well as receiving an overall final score of 480/500. 

The teams’ joint dedication and efforts combined with creative thinking and efficient planning were rewarded with IMA’s highest honour, as the « Best in Class Award » is granted to the site with outstanding planning, execution and overall professionalism. In previous years, the prize has also been awarded to the web sites of the following enterprises: Facebook, Panasonic, Red bubble and Toyota motor. 

We would like to thank and congratulate all those involved, as this is a distinction awarded to a very small fraction of competitors!

For more information, please click here

The FCCI contributes to the Shriners Hospital for Children of Montreal

July 25, 2012

The Canadian-Italian Community Foundation (FCCI) is delighted to announce that it has granted a major donation to the Shriners Hospital for Children of Montreal. The official presentation of the $30,000 donation took place on March 15th in the presence of Mr. Gino Beretta - Vice-Chairman of the Board of Governors, Shriners Hospitals for Children ® of Montreal, Mr. Joey Saputo - FCCI Vice President, M. Enzo Reda - FCCI 1st Vice President - and Paul E. Frank - Chairman of the Board of Governors, Shriners Hospitals for Children ® of Montreal.

As President of the FCCI, Mr. Carmine D'Argenio said the FCCI was pleased to give this donation, because "the Shriners Hospital for Children of Montreal ® belongs to a unique international network dedicated to improving the health and lives of children through its specialized pediatric care, its innovative research and outstanding training programs. Mrs. Anna Giampa, FCCI Executive Director, also emphasized that "the funding of the FCCI allow the Shriners Hospital for Children of Montreal ® to continue providing medical services to children with orthopedic problems, burns, lesions of the spine in a family environment at no cost.

The Canadian-Italian Community Foundation would like to take this opportunity to thank the Shriners Hospital for Children® of Montreal whose dedicated personnel works with great skill and professionalism by offering many services in support of children’s health

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