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Annual General Assembly of the Italian-Canadian Community Foundation

10 ottobre 2017

The Annual General Assembly of the Italian‑Canadian Community Foundation (FCCI) was held on October 10, 2017 at the Centre Leonardo da Vinci. The Governors in attendance discussed the various activities organized by the FCCI during the 2016-17 calendar year. Following the report presented by FCCI president, Mr. Joey Saputo, fellow Governors congratulated the members of the Board of Fiduciaries on the outcomes achieved in the year.

After more than four years of hard work by many partners, a substantial financial investment and dedicated efforts, it was announced that we will not be moving forward with the Unitas project aimed at uniting the five organizations as it was initially designed.

Furthermore, after 6 years of service on the Board of the Foundation, Joey Saputo, President since 2014, stepped down from the leadership role. The Foundation is forever grateful for his dedication and commitment over the course of his tenure.  The Foundation also thanks Nicola Di Iorio who did not renew his mandate at last night’s assembly as well as out-going ex-ufficio President Carmine D’Argenio.

The FCCI Board of Fiduciaries for 2017-2018 is composed of:

Tony Loffreda – President
Marie Anna Bacchi – 1st Vice-president
Nick Fiasche – Vice-president
Sabino Grassi – Secretary
Joseph Broccolini – Treasurer
Joey Saputo – Ex-ufficio President
Antonio Sciascia – Director (president of the National Congress of Italian-Canadians)
Joe Pannunzio – Director (president of the Centre Leonardo da Vinci)
Gino Berretta – Director (president of the Centre culturel de la Petite Italie-Casa D’Italia)
Sam Spatari – Director (president of CIBPA Foundation)


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