“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.”
-Leonardo da Vinci


The Italian-Canadian Community Foundation welcomes any and all donations. Whether it be monthly, annual or a one-time donation, the success of the Foundation relies on the generosity of not only corporate donors, but regular members of the community at large.

Friends of the Foundation are esteemed members of the community who want to contribute to the Foundation’s goals, but are not of Italian descent. Their role is to expand the Foundation’s network of friends and business professionals and to support the Foundation’s fundraising events.

For more information about how you can donate or how to become a Friend of the Foundation, please contact us.


Members of the Foundation are bestowed the title of Governor. From various professional backgrounds, these individuals of Italian origin recognize that the strength of a wider network can better affect social change. Their drive, optimism and innovative spirit truly make the Foundation what it is today. Governors are members with voting rights.

  • Initial donation: $10,000 (payable in up to 5 installments)

  • Annual donation: $1,000 (recurring until the age of 65 years)

Governors are committed to supporting the Foundation through their annual contribution and regular participation in fundraising events.

For more information about membership details and how to become a Governor, please click here.


Although we do have a strong long-term membership program, fundraisers are the main source of annual revenue for the Foundation. There are several opportunities to sponsor our annual fundraisers. Some of our fundraisers include:

  • Governors’ Ball

  • Golf Tournament

  • Casino Night

Sponsorship packages vary according to the event. Not only do sponsors receive charity receipts for tax purposes, visibility at our events is provided for corporate contributions. For more information on how you and/or your company can become a sponsor or a corporate donor, please contact us.


Volunteers play a vital role in the Foundation’s activities and help us in ensuring that funds are raised in the most efficient way possible. Some of the areas that require the involvement of volunteers are:

  • Events and activities

  • Administration and translation

  • Sales and organizing committees

  • Board of fiduciaries

As a non-profit organization, we welcome the involvement and input of all members in our community. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact us for more details or to schedule a meeting with our staff.